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Vacuum - Gel lubrifiant pour Vacuum VACURECT
Vacuum - Gel lubrifiant pour Vacuum VACURECT
Vacuum - Gel lubrifiant pour Vacuum VACURECT

VACURECT Luxe RX rehabilitation Vacuum.

It is a Class 1 CE approved medical device in order to do a penile rehabilitation after surgical operation (partial or total prostatectomy, penile implants, ...) or to rectify the penis curvature in Lapeyronies' disease cases or other cases. 

The VACURECT Luxe RX rehabilitation box contains

- a blue zipped travel bag
- a compact polycarbonate tube (length 210 mm - diameter 60 mm)
- 1 bottle of 100 ml lubricant
- a bottle of 30ml silicone oil
- a confort ring size L
- a notice in English
- a USB key with a video of use
- a seal mounting key

VACURECT Luxe RX rehabilitation Vacuum has a lifetime warranty.

VACURECT Luxe RX rehabilitation is a medical device.

- Powerful and fast: it allow to obtain an erection for sexual intercourse in about 60 seconds
- Simple to use and lightweight : it is the only system on the market ready-to-use delivered without tedious editing
- Safe and painless: it generates no side effects or complications. Non-invasive and non-medicated
- Economical: it is reusable for several years

Use without battery, thus avoiding overpumping and side effects.
Modern design, without external pump.
Ultra compact, self-assembled, ready to use.

Other information

Product manufacturer: ANDROCARE
Reference: VCT LUX RXRE

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More informations on
the British Association of Urological Surgeons website
3 lubricants pack - Bottles of 100ml
3 lubricants pack - Bottles of 100ml
Accessories pack for VACURECT
Accessories pack for VACURECT
Seal mounting key for VACURECT
Seal mounting key for VACURECT