Erectile dysfunction

Penile rehabilitation

Foster the return of your erections after surgery (prostatectomy, penile implants, ….), by practicing penile rehabilitation. Oxygen erectile tissue and gain elasticity with Vacuum VACURECT. Avoid scar retractation using FAST PENIS EXTENDER PRO. Discover the products.

Regain a sexual activity

The VACURECT Vacuum allows you to find a full sexual life thanks to a natural medical device and without side effects. The VACURECT Vacuum works by pump system allowing the blood to flow into thecorpus cavernosum of the penis. Discover the products.

Penis curvature

Lapeyronie’s disease

The use of FAST PENIS EXTENDER PRO penile extender allows to correct and decrease the curves caused by Lapeyronie’s disease with a success rate about 60% depending on the degree of pathology. The use of VACURECT Vacuum also reduces this curvature. Discover the products.

Light curvature

Light penis curvatures can be easily corrected by using the FAST PENIS EXTENDER PRO penile extender or VACURECT Vacuum. These two devices are natural methods to prevent or delay a possible surgery. Discover the products.

Small penis size

Increase the size of a micro penis

Micro penis is a medical assignment for which a man’s penis size is less than 7.5cm. The FAST PENIS EXTENDER PRO penile extender naturally enlarges the penis in a durable way. Discover the products.

Increase the size of a small penis

Men with a penis size between 7.5 and 12cm may have complexes or difficulties in having a sexual intercourse that is satisfying. Using the FAST PENIS EXTENDER PRO penile extender allows them to increase the length and size of the penis without surgery. Discover the products.

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Cosmetic penile extender

Increase penis length sustainably

The FAST PENIS EXTENDER PRO penile extender allows durably to increase the length of the penis up to 4cm in erect and flaccid state and to increase the penis size up to 1.5cm in erect and flaccid state. Discover the products.